3D Imaging And LiDAR — Poised To Dominate Autonomy And Perception

By Sabbir Rangwala

Figure 1: A 3D Reconstruction Of The Brain Obtained From Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI And Magentic Electroencephalography Meg Data. This Image Was Obtained In A 21 Year Old Man With Frontal Lobe Epilepsy. The Colors Indicate The Localization Of The Interictal Triggering Point The Red Zone In The Frontal Lobe
Figure 2: Rectangles vs Cuboids -The Opportunities and Challenges of 3D Imaging — Seoul Robotics
Figure 3: SCOT (Space Climate and Object Tracker) Satellite Concept- DIGANTARA
Figure 4: Photonic Mixer Device Operation — PMD Technologies
  1. Immersive gaming and application experience through precise room mapping, surface detection, and occlusion
  2. Dramatically reduced computing power required for extracting 3D information from 2D images
Figure 5: Trainee at Site with Smart Glasses (Left) Transmits Image of Equipment to Remote Expert (Right). LiDAR Embedded Smart Glasses Enable Sharing of Accurate 3D Imagery, Enabling Remote Training and Maintenance
  1. Construction: Accurate representations of building and interiors in vivid detail can be used by architects and designers to create and view virtual 3D images of the projects they plan to build.
  2. Oil and gas: Differential Absorption LiDAR (DIAL) is a method of oil and gas exploration. In addition to being used to detect gas and particles, LiDAR mapping also provides an accurate 3D model of the terrain, minimizing the project’s environmental impact. This could be a beneficial tool used in oil rigs around the world.
  3. Law enforcement: Historically, fingerprint detection has been achieved using chemical reagents, such as ninhydrin or diazafluorenone. With LiDAR integrated smart glasses, fingerprints could be visualized in 3D through use of infrared lasers. This would eliminate chemicals, dusting and subsequent laboratory analysis, enabling law enforcement to scan and match fingerprints at a crime scene in a matter of seconds.

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